Why we shouldn’t fear…

  Fear is rampant and spreading like wildfire. It feeds on the constant fear mongering spoon fed to us by news sources and media outlets. Financial troubles and relationship conflict only add to the mounting dread. Suddenly, our minds are consumed by worry and anxiety and our decisions reflect this fear. Yet, we should not … Continue reading Why we shouldn’t fear…


Moving to minimalism in 2018

I've been listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and really diving into the idea of minimalism lately. While I'm not the type to go and sell everything I own and live in a tiny house, there are stunning truths inside the idea of "minimalism." One definition of minimalism is this: "Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps … Continue reading Moving to minimalism in 2018

Why this young Christian doesn’t drink

  A few weeks ago I felt led to write this blog. I dismissed it immediately with the thought that I have no right nor credibility to discuss the matter*. I'm no theologian, have no doctorate, and have personally never had alcohol in my existence. God convinced me otherwise. Within the week, I saw numerous posts on … Continue reading Why this young Christian doesn’t drink

3 benefits of powerful worship

Worship is powerful and should not be a show aimed at gaining one thing or another. True worship is sincere and genuine, flowing from a grateful heart. At the same time, God loves to reward and is pleased in our worship. Here are some benefits to powerful worship: 1) Ensuring your victory Then Elisha said, … Continue reading 3 benefits of powerful worship