Dating: Forgiveness

Before Nathan and I were married, I remember thinking about forgiveness. I remember pondering situations and asking myself whether I would be able to forgive this thing or that thing. While it was a simple and probably not completely accurate heart test, it led to a huge revelation. GOD PROVIDED FORGIVENESS FOR MY SINS BEFORE MY … Continue reading Dating: Forgiveness

Have you been defending your prison cell?

People can fight so vigorously in defence of tattoos, drinking, certain movies, or even their lifestyle. This is not a post telling anyone that they're wrong and I'm right. God is speaking to the hearts of many who may be blind to their spiritual state. This post is as much for me as it is … Continue reading Have you been defending your prison cell?

“You are what you eat”

I remember watching a show on TV once called "You are what you eat." Basically, a nutritionist in the UK would take a family who were all overweight and instead of just getting them to diet and exercise to lose weight, she would change their mindset on the food that they were eating. She transformed … Continue reading “You are what you eat”