Hi! My name is Bailey Riza. Along with my personal blog, I'm the co-founder of True Talk YXE with my sister, Briona. For the past many years, I've been a member of the Faith Alive Band and I am employed by Women's Journey of Faith in Saskatoon, where my husband, Nathan, and I live. As well as hanging out with friends and leading worship on the weekends, you can find me traveling to Nashville, TN where I write songs with the Rain Collective. I believe in Salvation through Jesus Christ and in the power of words. My greatest desire is to live from my heart for there is nothing great that has happened that didn't first begin in the heart.

Dating: Forgiveness

Before Nathan and I were married, I remember thinking about forgiveness. I remember pondering situations and asking myself whether I would be able to forgive this thing or that thing. While it was a simple and probably not completely accurate heart test, it led to a huge revelation. GOD PROVIDED FORGIVENESS FOR MY SINS BEFORE MY […]