Sticking with the vision in 2019


2019 is a year to get things done! However, if you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself dwelling on a lot of goals, hopes, and dreams but finding that few of them come to reality. In an attempt to do better and live wiser in 2019, I’m creating this blog filled with resources to help me succeed and stick to the VISION.

Why do we need vision? First, we are spiritual beings who are connected to a God who is always on the move. He has a vision for our life that includes health, prosperity, peace, and all the signs and wonders of His Kingdom! But, how do we know we are on the right track spiritually? Second, there are a lot of companies making a lot of money using advertisements and branding that convince us to buy their product because it will enhance our life. This ranges from diets to clothing to decor to infinity and beyond. Truly, do these things add anything to our lives? Do they bring value to our daily routine? In fact, how do we determine what will add value to our lives? It’s simple: VISION.

Once we have a vision and direction for our lives, we can easily say yes and no to items, events, advertisements, and everything else. It’s our filter to sort through the muck and find true treasures and contentment. Having a vision will affect the quality of our spiritual lives, our finances, our marriages and relationships, our diets, and more! 2019 is the year to find peace in chaos, live content, and achieve all that we can imagine and more! Here’s some links to podcasts, blogs, and other resources that may help you find and stick to your vision for 2019:


Kris Valloton’s Podcast is a fantastic podcast with tons of content that will keep you spiritually motivated and inspired for days! He speaks on a variety of topics that teach Christians how to live in the culture of Heaven. Click here to listen

Victory (Live) is Bethel Music’s latest release and is the perfect music to play while praying for direction and vision for 2019! Click here to listen

Take sermon notes and don’t forget about them after! Part of finding a family vision or personal vision is being connected to the vision of your church. God doesn’t give our pastors sermons for the sake of filling time. There is a purpose and usually that purpose is to benefit our lives! We don’t walk alone, we are part of the body of Christ and so we should be actively participating in that vision.

YouVersion Bible App…need I say more? There’s devotionals, Scripture, reading plans, and more. With all the apps swarming our phones, I think that having the Bible in there isn’t a bad idea! Click here for app


The Rachel Cruze Show is a fantastic podcast from Dave Ramsey’s daughter that is all about finances including tips, tricks, and testimonies! Click here to listen

Every Dollar App is a Dave Ramsey app that allows you to track literally every dollar that you spend. Yes, it can be time consuming to enter every transaction but it is the quickest way to first, realize how much you actually spend and secondly, to curb the urge to spend! Click here for app

Poverty, Riches, and Wealth from Kris Vallotton is a great book that goes beyond budgeting and saving to teach Christians about what God’s Word has to say about money. It will inspire you to dream bigger and utilize your finances for the Kingdom of God! Link to amazon (again, you can find this at a library or on the hoopla app)


Marriage Today Audio Podcast has tons of episodes that are short and sweet and talk exclusively about marriage. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and stop being intentional in our marriages but listening to this short podcast everyday is a way that I keep focused on the vision: a healthy marriage. Click here to listen

Google Calendar App may seem like a weird resource for marriage BUT it can help prioritize and schedule events around each other. When you have a lot of things going on and need to make time for each other or simply want to stop double booking, having a calendar to refer to on your phone makes saying yes or no so much easier! If having a set time to spend together is a part of your 2019 vision, schedule it in and make it a priority to respect that “appointment.” Link to app


The Life-Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is a great book, albeit a better Netflix series, that I had originally read last year. I’m already pretty organized and clean but it is a fantastic kick starter to get clutter out and turn chaos into peace in a real way! Link to amazon (I rented from the library but I’d probably suggest watching the series on Netflix)

Purchase a journal and start making entries! It doesn’t have to be daily or even weekly but spending some time every month writing is a rewarding excercise and will keep you connected to that vision. I find that writing can bring peace about situations and get me refocused on the goal. Link to amazon (or just find one anywhere)

The Minimalists Podcast is an easy way to learn about minimalism and the practice of living with less. While not all of their episodes are clean, the ones that matter are. You can avoid those episodes by looking out for the red E beside the episode title. Click here to listen



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