Why we shouldn’t fear…



Fear is rampant and spreading like wildfire. It feeds on the constant fear mongering spoon fed to us by news sources and media outlets. Financial troubles and relationship conflict only add to the mounting dread. Suddenly, our minds are consumed by worry and anxiety and our decisions reflect this fear. Yet, we should not fear. We may have a reason to fear and even feel justified in our fears and still, we should not fear. Read Colossians 3:15 (HCSB) below:

And let the peace of the Messiah, to which you were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful.


This Scripture reveals to us that living in peace (and not fear) is a command! Regardless of whether we feel fear or not, we are called to let peace control our hearts and, therefore, our decisions. Paul did not say that we should let peace control our hearts because it will go well for us, though it will. He says that God has called us to walk this way. It’s the mark of a Christian! We have to take the initiative to kick fear out of the driver’s seat and let the peace of Christ take the wheel.

The end of this verse seems out of place: “be thankful.” However, I believe that thankfulness is the key to driving fear out of the heart and returning peace to its rightful place. When fear tries to intimidate and tell our hearts all the things that could go wrong, thankfulness remembers all the times that God made a way and turned things for good! In that moment, peace overshadows fear and allows God to once again direct our steps. When peace is in control, we can rest assured that we are walking in the call of God however, when fear is in control, there will ALWAYS be worry, anxiety, and stress.

While we could make mile long lists outlining the benefits of a life controlled by peace rather than fear, we shouldn’t need one. If we can remember that we are called by God to let peace rule our hearts, we will not give ourselves an option to live in fear. We simply cannot be ruled by fear! That would be walking contrary to and against the call of God on our lives. It’s time to make it a point to live with peace in our hearts at all times and be diligent to kick fear out of the driver’s seat at all times!