The best self-help advice I can give…


The best self-help advice I can give is simply this: less self. As Christians, we are compelled constantly in the Word of God to put an end to our flesh that our spirits may live!

In my life, I’ve begun to utilize hindsight to propel my present decisions. When I would look at my days, I would feel overwhelmed. They were jam-packed (and I mean JAM-PACKED) from morning to night. Yet, now, when I look at my days (which have not become any less jam-packed) that overwhelming feeling is gone. What changed?

It was simple. Before my week, I could feel the weight of long days, short nights, early mornings…etc. but the key to my transformation was looking at my week AFTER it had passed. When I looked back on busy weeks, I could see clearly how much God was able to use my week to accomplish Kingdom activities. When I looked back on weeks spent mostly at work and home, there was a deep realization of how little time was used for God’s purposes.

Now, my spirit is most alive in my busiest weeks. This is due to the fact that I simply and often cannot do it on my own! I force myself into a position that requires spiritual reliance. In return, the spirit of God comes in and gives me energy, joy, supernatural rest, guidance, and so much more!

In those weeks devoted to my self, there was no need for the spirit. In fact, I hardly turned to the spirit. Why look for guidance when I’m not walking? Why ask for energy when I barely move? Why rely on the spirit for fulfillment when I’m filling myself with everything else?

So, you see, the more I look back on my weeks, the easier it is for me to make healthier spiritual decisions. Instead of thinking in terms of “self” (ie. poor me, woe is me, I never have any time…blah blah blah) and making decisions that leave no room for God to move, I begin to think of what I can accomplish for Jesus’ glory in only one week! How many events can I be apart of that glorify God? How many people can I bring God’s presence into? How many lives will be blessed by a simple sacrifice? How much can I rely on the spirit instead of my flesh?

In conclusion, you will never do anything better for yourself as a Christian than to do less for yourself and more for the Kingdom!

*If you are still struggling with this concept, I urge you to simply read the book of Acts and see the endlessly selfless acts of the Apostles that brought a global revival or to peak at Paul’s works and see his constant admonishment of spiritual awakening and death of the flesh.