“It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You.” 

This is my song for 2018. If I could make every Christian on Earth sit down and listen to it 10 times over, I would. Written by Upper Room Music and recently released by Michael W. Smith, this song should be sung in every church!

Nathan and I were driving to Taco Bell after a conference the other night and I was trying to explain to him how the song made me feel. It was hilarious. In summary, I was telling him there is this emotion/feeling in the pit of my stomach but not really because it’s actually deeper than that. Ya, it’s more like in the epicentre of who I am as an individual and as a human being – as a child of God! Anyway, there’s this feeling that kind of goes like this: If I  put my hands in the air and dance like I ain’t never danced before with war paint on my face while the world’s largest drums are being played behind me as I worship God with this song, then I might just float into Heaven itself!

This is the kind of song that makes you feel as though angels are dancing and singing around you while you worship. It breaks through the dullness and the day to day and reminds you of how incredibly breathtaking it is to be a child of God. It isn’t by our power. It isn’t by our strength. He alone holds the victory and yet He reaches down to Earth, grabs our hand, and walks us through our battles. WOW…

It’s not about glorifying a song, it’s about the way the song glorifies Jesus!

It’s empowering yet humbling. It’s simple yet complex. It raises us up yet meets us in our lowest place. It’s the power of Christ! 

In our fiercest battle, only one holds the victory. He is our King. No matter what we see, we know that the battle is the Lord’s. Bring Him grief, He’ll turn it to joy. Bring Him pain, He’ll show you healing. Bring Him fear, He’ll give you peace. Bring Him death, He’ll breath His life. We are not alone. We are never alone. Though it looks like we’re surrounded, we are surrounded by Him and THAT is how we fight our battles!

PS When we sing this together as a church, it not only portrays the beauty of how God surrounds us in the face of darkness but it reflects the power of a church that stands together, unified by God! This is how WE fight OUR battles. Together. As One!

Wait until you have a good half hour’s worth of time and then play this song over and over as you face your battles surrounded by the presence of God!



One thought on “Surrounded

  1. This is a very timely post. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat over the last few days! I was even thinking of writing a post about it, along the same lines as you have done! And then your post popped up in the Reader!

    “This is how I fight my battles” 🎤🎵

    Love it! God bless 🙂


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