Part 1: Practical ways to curb “phone addiction

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m eating pancakes, wearing sweats, and drinking coffee at my kitchen table…LOVELY! Unfortunately, I have my cell phone on my right and laptop in front of me. This can only mean one thing: SCREEN ADDICTION! Don’t worry, I’ll be fine but it definitely got me thinking. Lately, I’ve been taking some necessary steps to curb my propensity to reach for my phone or check my social media profiles. At first, I didn’t think these things would have an impact, but I soon realized how great an impact they did have. Since I won’t post a three hour long read on one blog (lol), I decided to break it up into parts. Today, let’s walk through “notifications.”

PS This is for Iphone users…unfortunately, I will never use android (…sorry, not sorry) 😉


Step 1: Open up your phone, find the settings app (grey and looks like gears). Once that is open you should see this:


Step 2: Click on the red “Notifications” tab, you should now be seeing something similar to this:


Step 3: Awesome, now the fun begins! You can now eliminate those annoying notifications that fill your main screen and might cause you to open up your Facebook, Instagram, or even Kijiji (…gasp…)! Let’s select “Instagram”:


Step 4: Great! All you need to do now is click the top indicator (currently green) and it will turn grey and you will no longer be notified about meaningless nothings that take up your valuable time…Hallelujah! *Final product should look like:


I hope this has been helpful for you. Let me know if this produced any positive results in curbing the amount of time spent on your phone. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for Part 2 where we will dig into individual app notifications (those annoying red pop ups that will drive almost anyone to open up the app, even if only to make them go away!).