Dating: being present

Valentines Day is the perfect day for another “The Dating Christian” blog. Although I write to encourage and strengthen the young Christians who are overwhelmed by the daunting idea of dating the right way, I pray it speaks to relationships at every level.

In our youth, we have big dreams and plans for our future. Our goals relationship-wise might look something like: start dating, get engaged, plan a wedding, HONEYMOON, move in together, first year of blissful marriage, a perfect little baby, buy a house, another perfect baby, DREAM Job…etc. We passionately pursue each goal until all of our dreams have been achieved. Unfortunately, we can get caught up between the past and the future and completely forget about the present. 

Our past is there to help us choose wisely the direction of our future, but the present is the vehicle that will actually take us there. In other words, we need to be involved in this moment! While getting engaged is an amazing moment that we celebrate, we only get to date our future spouse once. Taking time to cherish each moment and make memories is how we can operate in the present. In another example, once you are married, take time to enjoy that time alone before children come running along. It’s fun and exciting to dream and make plans but unless we are taking time to be present in between, we will lose our joy!

Wherever you are at in your journey, think about your next goal/achievement and how much it has consumed your time, energy, and/or money. How has it effected those around you? Have you been present or have you been stuck somewhere in the future?  Allow God to show you when you need to be present and when it’s time to turn a corner. Being present doesn’t mean you stop moving, it means you move more efficiently. Make this valentine’s day special by pausing and simply enjoying today without thinking about tomorrow. Make a memory that will mark this stage of life before it’s gone!

In conclusion, let’s make every effort to be present in each passing moment knowing that our future is in God’s hands. It’s the now moments of life that will dictate our future anyway! It’s time to be present, trust God, make memories, and enjoy the stage of life He has us in – we’re here for a purpose. 🙂