Working out…are you doing it wrong?

I’ve never ventured to write a blog on something practical but let’s be honest, our lives are sustained by the spiritual but walked out in the practical. If you laughed when you saw this post and the fact that I wrote it…don’t worry, so did I 😉

I was sitting on the couch (ironic) and was thinking of how I should really start working out more. I’ve never understood why or how men could spend so much time working out and even take their time working out (aaaagh). Suddenly, a lightbulb moment occurred! The very thing that I could never understand is the same thing that would change my concept of “working out!” AWESOME! So…what’s happening? I’ll explain:

I treat working out as a list of moves that I need to get through and the entire workout consists of me thinking about when I can finally be done. My body is so focused on being comfortable again that it can only focus on the moments of my life (which apparently I had taken for granted) where I was resting comfortably without pain! BUT, when I see dedicated bodybuilders or weightlifters go to their workout, they are prepared mentally to be uncomfortable. In fact, they have set apart time to put their body through the ropes. There’s a purpose-an end result-and it has become the focus. When they are straining, they don’t think of the pain, they think of the result: big muscles and looking good in tight shirts…haha! But seriously, it changes things.

When you realize that working out is just a step to a healthy body, mind, and even spirit, then you can visualize those results instead of being consumed by the thought of ease and comfort. Sure, the reminders of pain will be there and the habit to quit will be strong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your mind what to think! Focus on a long life, not losing your breathe walking up ONE flight of stairs (yes, totally me), and FEELING awesome every day! When you change how you think, working out is less pain and more gain! Can I get a witness??

Comment if you have anything to add! I’d love encouragement, helpful hints, success stories, funny stories…let’s talk 🙂


2 thoughts on “Working out…are you doing it wrong?

  1. For me routine is one of the biggest cause for success. I decide when I’m going to the gym and I go (no excuses). Also, I find small goals to be highly motivating. Interestingly, future health and looks don’t actually motivate me that much, but getting to the next kilometre or the next weight does. Then I feel success every week, and that’s a great feeling!


  2. Not unlike our spiritual journey…when life is less than peaceful dealing with a tough situation, knowing and focusing on the fact that God is using the situation for good and to mold us into the people He created us to be, makes it so much easier to get through 🙂


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