You can’t do it…

Welcome to 2017! I thought it fitting to start off this year with a “squint-your-eyes-turn-your-head-sideways” blog title…but seriously, you can’t do it. Let’s get to the meat. I’ve realized quickly this year how much I can’t do. I can’t be at every event that my heart wants to be at. I can’t keep up with the ever growing pile of laundry in my sometimes clean bedroom. I can’t focus on set lists, chapel, teaching, mail outs, dishes, relationships, and ALL of the million other things on my list at once! I just can’t. My first instinct would normally be to collapse onto something soft and just kind of float away into a forgetful universe of “I can’t do this.” While my 2016 self wanted to revert to old habits, a great step of success was highlighted right in front of me. (It was a practical tip that I saw on a pin in a “Clean House” Pinterest board, but it really stuck with me). It went like this, “If it can be done in less than 2 minutes, than do it.” Now, this was meant for keeping a clean house, but my spirit took it another way. Instead of wasting all of my “2 minute moments” on myself, I should be using them to build my relationship with the Holy Spirit. As I started to devote even the smallest increments to spiritual things, I was delighted to find my abilities beginning to be impacted by God’s abilities. Where I was unable to do it, He gave me new strength, ideas, life, joy, energy, and even time! It’s true,  I can’t do it but He can.

I want to encourage you in 2017. When moments of “I can’t do it” become overwhelming, it’s time to really look at the “2 minute moments” of your life. Where are they being spent? As you make an effort to spend those “2 minute moments”  on relationship with the Holy Spirit, you WILL begin to see the impossible things made possible. Your energy will increase more than any diet could offer. Your joy will be contagious. Ideas and strength will abound. It may seem insignificant to us, but to the One who turns five loaves into thousands, it is just enough. Remember, you can’t do it but He can!!

Be strong and courageous,



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