God doesn’t need us

God doesn’t need us, yet He chose us. Still, how often we become so great in our own eyes that the magnificence of creator God is diminished. He doesn’t need us. There are thousands of others both willing and ready to move at His command. We hesitate to obey and complain when asked to give of our lives. Did we forget that this King we serve is not only the greatest Father we could ever know but also a merciful and forgiving ruler with justice in one hand and incredible mercy in the other? He is the one who gave freedom to our chains. Why do we test our citizenship by entertaining the idea of another kingdom? Why do we tease God and serve the desires of darkness? For if we are not with God, then we are with the enemy, who is a cruel master. Would we give up the love of the greatest Father we could ever know and hand our lives over to a dark master who would not hesitate to torment and destroy? God doesn’t need us, yet He chose us. He plucked us from a dark kingdom and claimed us as citizens and children of God. We no longer have to bend to the will of darkness, we are free to choose the love of a Father. It is easy to serve a kind King when we remember how harshly darkness rules.
Remind us of our need of you, God. As we look through eternity’s eyes and the scope of Your vast presence, we realize that we are invisible. Hardly noticed, we wander sometimes aimlessly and sometimes purposefully through each day. And still, the greatest authority known to Heaven and Earth chooses to stoop low and whisper in our ears. Yours is the voice calling into darkness to redeem broken days. Yours is the voice invading sorrow with peace. Yours is the voice that guides us into righteousness that we might remain forever with you!
As for me and my house, we will SERVE the Lord, who didn’t need us yet in His great mercy chose to save us. 
– Bailey

One thought on “God doesn’t need us

  1. Hi Bailey. I feel like you wrote a song about me almost as soon as you wrote, it almost ahead of it’s time!!!!!! I’m the person whose mind is jumping out at everyone in present day. I have a hard time keeping my thoughtlife toned down. I had a “walking down in the world” vision, When I was a young lad as a young believer not exactly sure how because apparently I had never received the Holy Spirit. I was a cutting person. Not sure how that worked. I told my Dad recently I must have had something inside of me if I was a cutting person and all lol. I am a rehabilitated very grounded human being now only because of my Mother and Father in my humble opinion. (Not sure whether to laugh or to cry at all which is like a very complicating feeling.) But it alarmed me even when I had my second “walking down in the world vision.” Some confusing things happened before that and something emotionally in my mind left me in public dumbfounded almost a month or something before that. Set Me On Fire is the name of that song I downloaded onto my phone after going through something that nobody out there should ever have to go through in life. It’s hard to explain how it happened it’s almost like I grew up around my Dad in a partly Christian home but something very disturbing happened to me as an upstart. And something else. Too disturbing to talk about. And unfortunately I came home not knowingly to boot sometime long ago not knowingly walking into a room at home my Dad was in or something and lost my pride as a burning human being at that point. It’s almost too devastating to talk about with anyone really. It costed me Friend after friend in the beginning, left me confused to who I was and after some point in between that I accidentally lost the New Testament. And at that point became interested in ordinary friendship making of course not knowing all of the answers on what to do. All I wanted to do as an everyday kid at that point was do something maybe eventually idk MONUMENTAL for myself and if not for myself alone maybe for my gradeschool FRIEND and I. I knew his parents were believers at some point and knew he was at some point but it was just all confusing and it was another sour experience and all I kept trying to do was get him to sneak into a church with me real hush hush somehow as I quickly discovered his parents were not any longer believers. For many years or more of not so innocently trying to get my friend and I into a study or something it seemed to go cold. Eventually we were in high school and two guys on another school bus in high school of all things were believers. At that point after being somewhere like that immediately in that same setting with my good friend it honestly was a frustrating wake up call for me. At that point I was confused about who I was not having my actual identity and stuff got a lot worse and I had to stay in my hometown community after 2:40 P.M. and work a day job at 16 in a GROCERY STORE. I thought of God when I was hired at that point in time being that down on my luck with everything (putting it mildly.) During this difficult time in my life I had all of a sudden realized in 1999 it was going to be difficult. Nothing was normal and I had no other real friends to talk to anywhere. I started to turn to alcohol amongst other things with my friend and our circle of friends within a smaller group of people. And I never realized how fast seemingly harmless or more like totally upside down in 2004 my life had actually become. At that point I realized suddenly how weird it was getting and God told me or my inner self resounded inside me being in the world that day at work, like my Dad had told me or something somewhere as a teen you will find out in life what your doing and the results or you will find something worse out. And before that or a short period of time I found out the store was going to change hands meaning we could be getting a new owner/his wife and an analyst. At that point I was in trouble and I would say the Christian family and their other FT (full time) person from head office was pushed back to working for my Owner. It became that frustrating and there I was in the middle of it all without realizing how weird it all was being completely inside of this culture I knew about but at the same time had nothing to go on. Not a clue. It all spelled out trouble. And at that point I wanted to really show my community the real meaning of our really neat (concept based store) but I would have to become a Christian to do it…That I had a sour opinion on. I knew if I turned around at that point then and there it would almost be terrifyingly emotional and frowned upon. I ran completely as an end result though Bailey; I shouldn’t have. I left town and said anywhere and any situation is better than being here, after all I was in a trainee position and it wasn’t heading in the right direction. It was a costly costly mistake. I was addicted to alcohol,drugs and at that point dropped out of college in a town my friend from here lived in and we barely talked. That was in 2003-2004. After that experience I moved home and after three years of working weekend jobs and odd jobs after that God told me you are going have to use your hands and know how to get out of this catastrophe. But even then it was all a shot in the dark it seemed after all I knew in around 2007.. If I faced my fears of going back there to work in the middle of the night and had that as my only opportunity for work and shot at becoming a Christian…and getting my Mom a longtime fellow co-worker into study it would all pay off! There was always a lot of red paint from 1999-2004 between myself and these sort of unimaginable Christians who were very very crude!! I have left a lot out but to see everything come to it’s wits end and become that guy I was before anything ever started with anyone has been more devastating than alarming in my opinion. After all I was involved in witchcraft while being off at the same time as working midnight hours and many bad employees and I had no clue where I was going to live in the beginning had no money to start out with and had no clue where I was going to end up living (knew I would maybe have to move through a couple places, it turned out to be three.) I know a different side about religion out there Bailey in a vicious circle unique one of a kind Christian Store! (That has a very very dark side…that I just had to slash.) It got bad between me and someone in the world an associate who really has been the worst person of all to work beside and been in the middle of my life that long cutting me down through 1999-2015. I found a youth study book when I moved into my third place. And thankfully I knew to draw near to my Dad from 2004-NOW. The enemy is not my friend. Have suffered from a mental breakdown from 2003-2015 and have been safely successfully rehabilated through the loving father. And My mom’s Mom passed away almost two years ago after our family suddenly regained our identities. That really left me speechless after accomplishing such a massive easier said than done project Bailey. It has left me speechless, awestruck, dumbfounded, shocked,alarmed, and devastated to be reminded of who I was in public at work, everyone reminds me of it how I was two years before, it gets to be something I am at a loss for words with sometimes. That second “walking down in the world” vision that naturally occurred into my mind very unexpectedly was really nostalgic for me if not eye opening. I didn’t know that was going to happen. A lot of people remember that from a long time ago I have heard.


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