The Christian kryptonite


We face a lot of enemies but there is one enemy that only we have the power to defeat. While Jesus defeated Satan and the power of darkness, we’ve been called to defeat our kryptonite. Here is what I believe is the Christian kryptonite that we are called to rise up and defeat:


Yes, folks, it all fits into one little letter. The one thing that could potentially be draining the very power of God from your life is you! It’s no wonder why God loved David so much when David, himself, said many times, “Let my wants be your wants, Lord!” David understood that He could walk in a different authority and be close to the heart of God if he put his “I” into submission and aligned his wants with those of God. On any given Sunday morning, tens of thousands of people are gathering at churches across our nations. At the same time, many thousands of people lost that battle and decided to do what “I” wanted. Let’s not even start on prayer meetings! Could you imagine what would happen to our countries if no one lost the battle to  “I” on a Sunday morning. Churches would be FLOODED to overflowing! This is just one example of a battle lost to “I.” “I” don’t want to pray. “I” am too scared to talk about God to my co-workers. “I” don’t really believe “I” should have to raise my hands when “I” worship…the list goes on!

“I” is taking out Christians left and right and in all reality, only the ones giving “I” authority can stop it! Instead of giving in to the power of our own desires, it’s time for us to pick ourselves up and start to walk in the power of submission! Let’s not give “I” any more authority over our spiritual lives. It’s time for God to take the reigns back and start to do the wonders He’s been dreaming of doing in us! Imagine a church revived and rejuvenated and freed from the power of “I!”


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