The art of being undone


What good is a powerful song or a beautiful poem? What can man do that could display or reflect a God of such outstanding character? In fact, even as I sit here writing, I am completely undone. Without permission, the Spirit of God has invaded my room and caused me to tremble. But who am I to deny or request the presence of a King? Who am I to compose songs for His honour? Instead, I am undone. Is there a place I could go to find this feeling? Does nature offer such a view as when my eyes glimpse Heaven’s reality? No words, no song, no dance, and no love could compare to Him. Here I sit, undone. For as far as I’ve run, as long as I’ve fought, as wide as I’ve searched, still He is more. We’ve paraded our power of choice and trod over the mercies of God. We are blinded by familiarity and bound by our own selfishness yet He is faithful. With mouths that run wild and hearts that wander we have often missed and even ignored the King’s arrival. It’s time to be undone. It’s time to stop doing and start undoing. For if we can be undone, perhaps we can be redone. The God ever faithful still answers, still transforms, and always completes us. So let us learn the art of being undone and remain forever humble in the presence of our King.