“You are what you eat”

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I remember watching a show on TV once called “You are what you eat.” Basically, a nutritionist in the UK would take a family who were all overweight and instead of just getting them to diet and exercise to lose weight, she would change their mindset on the food that they were eating. She transformed their eating habits and in so doing, completely transformed their bodies and overall health. Her point was that if you continually feed your body food that has no life giving substance, you are essentially giving yourself a death sentence. When it comes to our spiritual lives, they operate much the same. Our spirit hungers for the Word of God like our body needs water, vitamins, and even exercise (yes I know…that figment of our imagination, right?). If we neglect to spend time in prayer, reading God’s Word, and listening for His voice, we are essentially starving our spirits until they are weak. Our flesh craves the “junkfood” of life and often we cave to those desires. Watching another episode of our favourite show or sleeping in instead of taking that time to feed ourselves spiritually is devastating to our spiritual strength! Just like eating healthy can be hard, so is exercising spiritually. It is not always our natural inclination but we should be determined to make it a habit in our lives.

Why is it so important? Let me put it this way. How would you feel if you visited a military training camp and instead of seeing hard working, healthy officers you saw a group of out of shape individuals sitting on couches watching movies and eating chips? These are the people that are supposed to protect your country! You would be outraged. In comparison, your strength, spiritually, will protect not only you from the attacks of the enemy, but also your family, church, and friends! There are people dependant on us as Christians to be spiritually strong. We can’t afford to let our flesh dictate the strength of our spirit. When the enemy comes, we must be ready! So, are you ready for a transformation? Remember, you are what you eat!

– Bailey 🙂


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