New beginnings for the new year!

It’s a new year and a new day. Fresh beginnings are as beautiful as that first smell of spring! But with every beginning comes an end. For me, it’s an end of myself. An end of what I want and a beginning of what HE wants. If I keep putting God into boxes, then He’ll never be able to do the impossible things that He so longs to do! He’s not just the God of Sunday morning or prayer service, He’s simply – God. I gave Him my life when I said YES to eternity. My finances are His, my time is His, my love is His, and there are no boundaries or limits as to where He is allowed to move and change me. I cannot wait to get closer to the wonders of God, leaving my compromises and selfishness behind. The pursuit of His presence brings so much more than a met need. There is truth, wisdom, love, joy, blessings, relationship, security, healing, and freedom. For this, I will give my all because I know there is no greater freedom than that which comes at a great cost. God has offered me freedom never ending and I’m going to let it cost me everything! My life lost is His life found, and His life never ends. Here’s to a year of laying everything down. I pray that this pursuit brings you miles farther than where you were and lets you leap forward into the goodness of God!

– Bailey


One thought on “New beginnings for the new year!

  1. Bailey, Amen! I so agree!….enough of me…it is not about us…it’s about Him! Seek Him first and His Kingdom! Thanks so much for sharing this! I am praying that we each seek Him first this year…each day. Donna J


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