The secret to revolutionizing your worship


I’ve recently been taken up with the concept of David’s mighty men. These were men of bravery, courage, and skill. Devoted to their leader and to God. The things that they accomplished were INSANE! You can read about them in 2 Samuel 23:8-39.

As I was inspired by their story, I began to see something that changed how I viewed worship. We are called to be worshipping warriors. I had heard it before but I finally got a picture. You see the secret to revolutionizing your worship is the realization that your worship is a weapon and you are called to defeat giants, tear down strongholds, and overcome kingdoms! Worshipping warriors are the living army of God that fight for healing, justice, and honour in a society that stands for everything and yet nothing at all. In a grey world, we bring colour and even offence because our allegiance lies with ONE and not many. We worship without fear because our weapons are greater and our King has already won. We are not moved by culture or opinion, we are moved by the heart of the Father. Worshipping warriors do not simply sing, they shout; they do not dance, they stomp on enemy territory; they do not bow, they lay their names and their pride flat out before the king; they do not fellowship, they give their lives each to another in service to their King and His Word!

God is looking for the worshipping warriors who are driven by honour, passion, and purpose rather than duty, fear, and habit! If we push past the barriers of culture to let our worship and our lifestyle be shaped by a warrior mindset, then perhaps we will see a change unlike any other generation and perhaps we will overcome the kingdoms that have kept us bound for so many years. Who’s ready to live on the front lines and worship like a warrior?