Churches make history in a small Canadian city

40+ churches worshipping together at Unite Prairie Fire
40+ churches worshipping together at Unite Prairie Fire

At 6:40 p.m. the doors opened to the sanctuary at Faith Alive Family Church in Saskatoon, SK, Canada and a sea of people rushed in, eagerly awaiting the much anticipated  Unite Prairie Fire conference. Soon, the only place left to sit was upstairs in the balcony! Waves of laughter and conversation filled the room and looking out one would think that a family reunion was taking place. You could hardly make it a few steps without stopping for a hug or screeching with excitement as you reunite with a friend from afar. The atmosphere was a joyous refreshing and the energy was rising. There were over 40 churches represented from across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and even as far as Quebec! One church brought over 30 members from over 3 hours away to join the conference. You can imagine the electricity in the air as expectant and ready hearts joined in unity.

Even from the very first note of worship, the presence of God could be felt in the room. Each worship set was led by a different worship team from churches across Saskatchewan, but you wouldn’t have known it. There was such a unity in spirit and hunger that we could’ve sang nursery rhymes and still experienced powerful worship. It wasn’t about what song was played, who lead what, or even what style of songs were sung. Instead, it was one body seeking out the One God that we were created to worship. We were becoming more and more like one church as the moments passed.

Pastors, leaders, and young adults, each from a different church, took their turn delivering the message God had placed on their hearts. Each word was life-changing and relevant to every heart. If you didn’t leave the conference transformed, then you hadn’t attended. I don’t think anyone left having received nothing, in fact, they didn’t! Message after message we were humbled, encouraged, strengthened, and then set ablaze with the fire of God. At the last evening of the conference, there was a very special moment, unlike any I’ve ever experienced, that opened my eyes of understanding. The pastor called for communion and asked us to gather in groups of 4-5 with people not from our own church. Together, we took part in communion and the bond of unity between the people was strengthened. I’ve never seen or felt anything like it! Those who had walked in as strangers left with friends too many to count. Friends from years past became family as they experienced God together at the altar. Unity became reality.

I wanted to chronicle this experience so that I would never forget what happened that weekend where over 40 churches were represented. To my friends, my brothers and sisters at Prairie Fire Unite, WE MADE HISTORY! Our submission, humility, and passion for the vision God has placed on our leaders has made a way for this. My challenge to you is to never lose the vision, never forget the big picture of what God is doing through us. One day, we’ll look back and understand more fully the importance of this pivotal movement. While we had to go back to our cities and towns and home churches, I will continually pray for you and wait in much anticipation for when we are together again! We are diverse, yet we are ONE. 

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