Why you should dream bigger


Sometimes I start to dream…and sometimes it’s a good thing! I’m often called a “zoner” because I’ll just kind of leave reality and have a moment with the wall! It’s quite hysterical, but then there are times where I really start to dream big and not just selfishly, but big God things. I start to imagine where our church will be, how my friends will take their places as leaders, and that is when my heart is stirred to the point of bursting. God is a GOOD God. His dreams are even bigger than ours! But, why should you dream bigger? Here’s why:

Dreaming big draws us closer to God

The bigger you dream, the more you need God. We can’t do this on our own, though we may try. The bigger you dream the more impossible it will look. The bigger the skyscraper the harder it is to build. If you continually dream big, you will continually need to trust God more and more. With that in mind, dream the biggest skyscraper you could imagine and put all your trust in God! There are no limits to what He has in store for you.

Dreaming big demands action

When we dream big things it effects us like a shot of adrenaline. The bigger your dream is, the more exciting and thrilling the adventure! Without realizing it, you’ll start to take action that puts you in the path of realizing your dreams. You’ll start to research, learn, and make decisions based entirely on your dream. All of a sudden, you’ll realize that you’ve taken ten steps on the road to your destiny. Don’t look back, don’t be afraid, run fast and run with God!

Dreaming big ensures your destiny

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” W. Clement Stone

You will always go farther with a dream then you ever will with a doubt! Remove the excuses, the doubts, and the fears to watch your dreams explode! The bigger the dream, the farther you will get. Oh you may not do everything and see everything you had dreamed, but you sure will find a few stars in the great big sky. There’s nothing wrong with a dream. It’s the fuel that lengthens a grander journey. Without a dream, you’re destiny is a blank canvas lacking paint! Grab the paint brush and colour your destiny into existence. Never stop dreaming, never stop reaching. You were born for such a time as this!


What kind of things do you dream of in God’s Kingdom? Perhaps you would love to travel the world as a missionary, or maybe a book is in your future…comment below, I’d love to find out!


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