I don’t need a miracle


I don’t need a miracle to prove that God is good and neither did Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego! Many of you may remember the miraculous story of three men who would not bow. The king built a glorious statue for himself and required all the leaders in his kingdom to bow/pay homage unto it. Of course, these men were Jews, servants of God, and only bowed to one God. In light of this, they refused to bow down. After making a bold statement and bringing the King’s wrath upon themselves, here is what they had to say:

16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego replied to the king, “Nebuchadnezzar, we don’t need to give you an answer to this question. 17 If the God we serve exists,[f] then He can rescue us from the furnace of blazing fire, and He can rescue us from the power of you, the king. 18 But even if He does not rescue us,[g] we want you as king to know that we will not serve your gods or worship the gold statue you set up.”    Daniel 3:16-18 (HCSB)

Did you catch that? They were not looking for a miracle! Knowing full well the doom ahead, each man honoured God with their bow regardless of circumstance or outcome. It didn’t matter to them if life or death awaited, but rather that the honour and very namesake of God be upheld and defended! They knew God was capable of providing a miracle. They were not testing nor questioning God. Their faith was not based on a physical manifestation, it was built on His Word. WOW!

God give me faith and courage like these men. I may be in great need of a miracle or I may have great blessings. No matter my physical reality, my faith is steady and my response is fixed. I don’t need a miracle to know that God is good! He is so much greater, stronger, and deeper than what these eyes could ever see.

REMEMBER, when God saw the faith of these men, not only did He provide a miracle and save them from the blazing furnace, he also provided them the favour of the king! God responds to our faith. If you DO need a miracle today, perhaps it’s worth taking a look at your faith level? Don’t be moved by what you see, instead be moved by what God says in His Word!

Do you have a faith story to tell?  I’d love to hear your story so comment below!