When God stopped listening


As she walked through the palace halls, exhausted from the day’s work, her mind wandered to the next day’s work. Time was fleeting and the kingdom’s flourishing economy kept everyone very busy. A certain room caught her attention and she paused her journey to meander inside. It was dark in the room and dusty as though it hadn’t been used in quite some time. Further inspection revealed a grand piano covered in cloth and great windows hidden behind closed curtains. It seemed a shameful thing for such a great room to sit unused for so long. Tired from her day, she started for the door to continue the walk home. A voice startled her as it echoed through the hall,

 “Do you not remember? Has it been so long?”

 She turned to see the great King walking towards her from the back corner of the hall, “I remember the day when this room was filled with melodies and songs of innocence. The golden walls would light up and the sun would dance as if angels were singing along. I created this room for you. I drew your heart to it all those years ago. Do you not remember? Has it been so long?”

 Tears streamed down her face as the memories flooded back. She remembered being a little girl, finding this room of such grandeur, and spending days discovering the beauty of music. She remembered what it felt like to sing innocently of her great King and the wonderful kingdom that he ruled. Then she was truly melted as she realized what the King was saying. He was there. He was listening. In all the songs, the joy, the tears, the innocence…He was there.

“I stopped listening because you stopped singing but I have been waiting. Will you not return? I created this room for you. I want you to sing of me, to sing of my Kingdom and to lead my people in the song of my heart. Will you not return? Has it been so long?”

It’s so easy for us to get lost in life, to be the Martha serving God’s Kingdom but forgetting to be Mary and listen for His heart. We lose the voice of God and yet convince ourselves that we still have it. We want God to speak to us but we forget to speak to Him. We want God to hear our prayers and yet we neglect to listen for His voice. I was the little girl in this story who used to entertain the King. Then I let responsibility, work, and my own desires replace my relationship with God. One day, God spoke to my heart and He said, “ I stopped listening because you stopped speaking and I stopped speaking because you stopped listening.” Now I cannot help but run to the grand hall to become familiar once again with the heart of the great King. In my hall God placed a piano but your hall is completely unique. Throw caution to the wind today and search for your hall…the King awaits!